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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Services including; Social Media and Online Presence Management


social media marketing

I can set up your business social media pages and show you how you can use them to your advantage. From how to generate and maintain a following, plan and schedule engaging posts for your fans, and show you exactly how to respond to your customer's questions and queries.


Email marketing

I can create informative and engaging email campaigns that will keep your audience coming back, generating sales and traffic towards your desired platform/s. Keep your customers updated with regular newsletters!


Digital Strategies

I can provide guidance on what your business should be doing in the digital world. Including what platforms you should be using, what types of advertising you should invest in, and offer advice on how best to set up your online stores.



Search engine rankings affecting your online presence and monthly website traffic? I'll be able to analyse your website and provide you with documentation that lists the issues that are preventing you from ranking higher.


Public Relations (PR)

Digital PR is one of many methods that if used correctly, can raise a lot of awareness for your brand. I can help you create and maintain relationships with journalists within your industry.


Advertising campaigns

I can ensure that you're making the most out of your budget when running an advertising campaign by showing you which platforms to use and how to reach your target market. All of which will contribute toward improving your CTR.